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Navya Nair is the name of Dhany screen. Born in 1984 in Alappuzha, Kerala, has worked in Malayalam, Tamil movies and Canar. His father works in the telecommunications industry and the mother is a teacher.


• Navy debuted in the Malayalam film Ishtam (2001), and was an instant hit.

• The following year he took another blow, Mazhathullikkilukkam.

• In 2002, he worked on a number of films Kunjikkoonan so bright, and Nandanam Kalyanaraman. For his performance as a maid in Nandanam, the state of Kerala Film Award for Best Actress.

• In 2003 there were a number of new products like Gramaphone and Vellithira.

• Sethurama Iyer CBI, Jalolsavam, Theys Azagiya their major releases in 2004.

• 2005 was a good year for her, given that won the National Award for best actress for his films: Saira and Kanne Madanguka.

• Pathak (2006) Ali Bhai (2007), SMS (2008), Agenda (2009) are some of their latest movies

• Violets are other movies to be released

• His first film was They Azhagiya Tamil (2004), followed by Chidambarathil Appasamy Oru (2005), Kiligal Pass (2006), Maya Kannada (2007), Nerangalil Sila (2008), Aadum Koothu (2009)

• The film is Rasikkum Seeman production.

• Navy has very few Kannada films, such as Gaja (2007), which was very successful, Viet Yajamanru (2009) and Bhagyadha Balegaara (2008) proved.

• Not being filmed, and announced in 2009.

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